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  • Four Games in Fall 2020


    Interviews with leading scientists, journalists, and legal scholars demonstrate how the Deflategate scandal was perpetrated in the face of evidence that the scheme to deflate footballs never took place. The film draws parallels between the Deflategate scandal and the tactics used to manipulate public opinion and subvert science in important issues impacting all citizens.

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  • ETs Among Us 5: Binary Code - Secret Messages from the Cosmos 2020


    Peabody award-winning journalist Linda Moulton Howe analyzes parallel binary code warnings from UFOs 35 years apart. In 1980, a military officer in Bentwaters Air Force base (Britain) witnessed a landed spacecraft, and was later mentally bombarded with binary code. Similar binary code was transmitted to another military man in 2015 in the USA. Sadly, in 2020 these warnings have already come true.

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  • Like a French Film 2016


    The film introduces people who live like a French film: A mother who chose euthanasia leaving 4 daughters behind, a woman who has 100 days left in life and a nerdy guy waiting for a girl named Gihong.

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