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Reviews for Jon Stewart: The Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize for American Humor ( 2022 )

Jon Stewart - more than a humorist (IMDB: 9)

On: 6/24/2022 12:00:00 AM By: interactbiz
A series of entertaining and amusing segments featuring stars who've been inspired by Stewart or had their own careers launched through association with him. But also entertainers like The Boss were there to appreciate Stewart's work. The opening with Springsteen and Gary Clark Jr. Featured a superb cover of a Beatles classic.

Stewart talked about the hope we are getting back to normal, and getting back to honoring non-essential workers. The show is typical of Jon Stewarts work: a mix of comedy and talk with serious purpose.

Stewart says, "Democracy is under threat. Authoritarians are the threat to comedy, to art, to music, to thought, to poetry, to progress, to all those things..." This program will offend supporters of authoritarianism but should be a pleasure for the remainder.

Mark Twain wants his name back! (IMDB: 1)

On: 6/23/2022 12:00:00 AM By: raymondguy-00166
What a horror show to see Jon Stewart speak put against authoritarianism yet never mention Assange. No mention of a complete CIA domination of the MSM in Ukraine coverage. Now I know I don't miss Jon when Noah, and Colbert will keep shilling for war criminals of their political liking.

When Jon retired he said that 17 years of mining turds was enough. Well that stink is all over this sell out!

If Twain was alive seeing the destruction of the first amendment, he'd want his name off this award.