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Immunity from Electro-Smog while Bionically Grounding the Body to the Earth (IMDB: 10)

On: 7/11/2019 12:00:00 AM By: vinyaasi
This may only concern empaths: those people who are so electrosensitive that they may benefit from how to reduce or eliminate electrosmog while "Earthing" when they sleep at night.

Earthing is bionically grounding the body to the Earth especially whenever sleeping, but also at any time, to shut off auto-immune disorder and all of its consequences.

It's been determined by Clint Ober, author of the book: "Earthing", that our body was designed to remain electrically connected to the Earth at all times.

He was a cable guy (owned a cable company before retiring) when he discovered that we are insulated from our Mother Earth to our own misfortune.

John Cejka was a friend of John Bedini. The former invented a psychotronic device to kill pests in a farmer's field without having to directly apply insecticide. I read about this invention (approved by the Dept. of Agriculture) back in the 1970s in the book, entitled, "The Secret Life of Plants", by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird.

I'm an empath. I'm sensitive to electro-pollution, also known as: electrosmog. So much so, that when I ground myself to the Earth when I sleep at night, I have to avoid the use of the house wiring ground connection due to its proximity to the hot wire which bleeds an A/C hum into the ground and neutral wires as an EM broadcast occurring between adjoining wires running through the same electrical conduit inside the walls of our buildings.

I also have to run my Earthing connecting wire outside through my bedroom window and plant it into the Earth many feet (yards) away from any house mains since that is where the building's ground wire is connected to the Earth.

But that's not enough...

I also have to connect the positive terminal of a dry cell battery to my Earthing line (and NOT connect the negative battery terminal to anything) to suppress electrosmog since I am so sensitive that without all of these protective measures, my heart would weaken its beat and increase the likelihood of heart failure a little earlier in life (than it should otherwise) since I have a tendency to push myself, too much, in activity.

I'm an activist! What can I say?

Voltage sources are considered to be voltage regulators. And a D/C signal will suppress voltage perturbations arising from electrosmog.